My Body Shop provides a studio that combines pole dancing lessons, aerial arts, and group fitness classes as a high-intensity workout 7 days a week.
* Indicates specialty class

  • My Pole Classes

    Saturday – Thursday

  • My Sassy Seat

    Mondays at 7pm

  • My Flexible Strength

    Mondays at 6pm

  • My Spinning Pole 1 and 2

    Alt Thursdays at 7pm

  • My Pole Choreography

    Sundays at 1pm

  • My Pole Fit

    Sat at 10am, alt Wed at 7pm

  • Lyra, Open Lyra

    Mon & Tues at 8pm, Thursdays at 9pm

  • My Contortion

    Sundays at 2pm




per class
  • Pole
  • Flexibility
  • Dance
Please RSVP for all Pole classes.



per class
  • Lyra
  • Friday Pop Ups
  • 1.5 + Hour Classes
Please RSVP for all Pole classes.

News & Events

  • Sadie Hawkins Class

    Thurs: FEB 14th @ 8pm 60 min class

  • Anna Kia Poles Workshop

    Sat: FEB 23, 3 90 min Workshops

  • Summer Showcase

    held @ MBS July 20th

  • POLECON Closing

    MBS will be closed Jun 6th – 9th

Our Team

My Body Shop features well-trained, professional instructors, progressive teaching methods, a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere, and a beautiful light-filled facility. The intention of the instructors at My Body Shop is to assist clients in the development of physical, mental, and sensual well-being: a truly priceless health advantage.

  • I love dancing, and helping others. It is very fulfilling to know you’ve taught someone a skill that they have never known, have never known how to use, and something they can show others. Women truly are fascinating, and not only do we know it, now it’s time to show it! Certified Group Exercise Instructor CPR / AED Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor First Aid Certified
    Pole, Liquid Motion
  • Colleen is an AFAA-certified personal trainer and has been poling for four years. She is the CEO of the International Pole Convention and has placed in numerous local and regional pole competitions
    Pole, Contortion, Choreography, Lyra
  • Laydia has been poling and teaching pole and chair for three years. Her acrobatic feats of strength will have you amazed and begging for more!
    Pole, Twerk After Work
  • Amanda, a former gymnast, has been poling since 2009. She manages the flexibility challenge community and has tons of free healthy recipes on her website
    Pole, Flexible Strength, Lyra
  • Jasmine
  • Nel C is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor who has taught pole all over the DMV since 2012. A frequent competitor and performer she's know for her OG Pole Tricks, floorwork, heel clacks and hair tossing. As an instructor she's know for focusing on perfecting fundamentals, eclectic mix tapes, telling jokes and general goofiness.
    Spin Pole
  • Athena
  • Arielle

Testimonials from Year+ members


Anna W.

“Love the instructors at MBS! They’re always looking to challenge us and take us to new heights (pun intended), but are also super understanding of different people, styles, and abilities. They’ve taught me to do things I didn’t think we’re even physically possible! And of course all the students are extremely welcoming too. I couldn’t ask for a better environment to learn in!”



Courtney P.

“MBS has helped me achieve my fitness and athletic goals. I am firmer, fitter and finer than ever before.”



Abby L.

“MBS has the best instructors and prices in the DMV. They offer a variety of classes that makes exercising creative and fun. The ladies at MBS makes it a very lively and welcoming environment for women of all fitness levels and body sizes.”



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