Pole Intro

Interested in Pole but not ready for the Tricks! This dance class is sure to put you at ease as you transition to the pole and dance to the rhythm of your own beat!

My Sculpt & Shape

Nothing sexy about this pole class…except maybe the body it will give you!. This class will focus on muscle building and toning of the upper body, midsection and legs. This cardio class incorporates strength building exercises like squats and lifts and lunges and a whole lot more using the pole as your center and stabilizer.

My Pole Play

This class is for those that enjoy music and just want to dance. It is pole focused on all levels with a few tricks. There are no prerequisites.

Pole Levels 1 - 4

•    POLE LEVEL 1: Introduction to pole dance and fitness will introduce you to wearing heels and becoming familiar with a dance pole. In this class you will learn the do’s and don’ts of pole safety, how to prep for a move, simple transitions, and basic spins!
•    POLE 1 & 2 COMBO: New to Pole and want to see what the difference is between Level 1 and Level 2? This class will start you with Pole Level 1 moves and take you through to Level 2!
•    POLE LEVEL 2: Strengthening, walking, transitional moves and learning basic spins. This class focuses on poses to stretch and strengthen the legs, back, and shoulders. Emphasis is given to the basic alignment of the standing poses.
•    POLE LEVEL 3: Focuses on refining the standing poses, simple back bending poses, and transitional moves, more challenging routine with faster spins, one handed moves and yes, we’ll be going upside down! Prereqs required!
•    POLE LEVEL 3 & 4: We’ll focus on smoothing transitions in and out of tricks we already know, and building upon combos with new shapes, transitions and tricks. Prereqs required!
•    POLE LEVEL 4: Advanced and then some! Tone your muscles and work on your upper body strength. No choreography is taught. Just cool pole tricks for one full hour! Prereqs required!
•    POLE ALL LEVELS: Open to all-levels.

My Pole Drops

Once you get up the pole, you must learn how to get down! This class focuses on dismounts, so you must be able to aerially invert!

Prerequisites: My Pole Level 2

My Pole Tricks

Focus on strictly the in and out of tricks we already know, and building upon combos with new shapes, transitions and tricks. Designed for Intermediate to Advanced.
Prerequisites: Pole Level 3

Spinning Pole 1 and 2

This choreography class for Beginners and Intermediate dancers focuses on floor, low-pole and off the pole transitions and movement based off a variety of dance styles

My Red Light Special 

Express yourself through movement and choreography while dancing to the music. Bring your heels (optional) and learn the art of sexual seduction. For the beginner-intermediate dancer focusing on sensual movement, fluid transitions, floor, & low flow.
Prerequisite: Pole 1: Pirouette, Pole sit, Basic climb, Fireman, Jasmine from floor

My Exotic Tease

This class is perfect for beginners who would like to learn new exotic stripper-esque pole choreography and work on simple yet impressive tricks and transitions. Perfect your flow and improve flexibility using the pole with each class.

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