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Meet our November Member of the Month

Meet: Jaz and see what we learned about her from our brief questionnaire:

MBS : Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is one of your unique qualities?

Jaz: My name is Jaz, from Macon, Georgia and I'm truly a country girl at heart ❤️ 🐎. Unique quality: I'm also an engineer.

MBS : What I love about My Body Shop!....

Jaz: One aspect of MBS that I truly appreciate is the profound expertise of my instructors when it comes to the intricacies of the body, encompassing dance, stretching, mobility, and more. Their deep knowledge helps tremendously in performing choreography that suits my body perfectly!

MBS : Do you prefer tricks or choreography? Why?

Jaz: I find tricks easier, like fast food, quick to grasp. But choreography is like a home-cooked meal, challenging but deeply satisfying. I love practicing choreography at the studio because I see significant progress, making it my preference nowadays.

MBS : What do you most look forward to?

Jaz: I look forward to:

Continuing to work with a fantastic team of coaches and instructors who inspire and guide me. Learning more about liquid motion and flowing in choreography, exploring new dimensions of dance. The prospect of performing soon, showcasing the skills and artistry I've been developing.

Thanks for reading! See you next month. Oh, and if you would like to be featured find out how from Yatty Matty!


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