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Meet our October of the Month

Meet: Mimi

See what we learned about Mimi from our brief questionnaire:

MBS : Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is one of your unique qualities?

Mimi : I'm very determined; in everything I do. I give my all.

MBS : I became a member of My Body Shop because....

Mimi : I wanted to feel confident and empowered; I also wanted to push my limits and learn more about the art of pole.

MBS : What are some of your favorite things about the studio?

Mimi: My favorite things are the motivation and creativity behind each routine. I would also say the people. Coming almost everyday makes it feel like your visiting your family.

MBS : How has My Body Shop helped you?

Mimi: Definitely with my upper body strength. Haha but I would also say they have helped me see the beauty and art of pole. When I fall there's always someone there to help me up and do it better the next time.

Thanks for reading! See you next month. Oh, and if you would like to be featured find out how from Yatty Matty!


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