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Bentley Rebel at My Body Shop 

Bentley is back in the DMV with 2 workshops at My Body Shop!

Floor-gy, 90 mins - ALL LEVELS. In this workshop we will be working on hair whips, head stand variations, shoulder rolls, and executing diverse floorwork. We will explore various options to transition from the soles of your feet to your hands and knees. This class will help you with core work as well as different speeds of motion. Kneepads recommended. RebelExotic, 90 mins - Beginner & Up Levels. In this workshop we will create sexy transitions and experiment on sexual chemistry with self and others. This workshop will bring out your nasty side but in a tasteful manner. If you want jaws to drop and mouths to water then this one is for you. We will explore many options of pole and floorwork. Heels & Kneepads recommended. $70 each or take both for $135

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