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From Student to Staff!

Meet Yoon!

Yoon has been a dedicated member of My Body Shop and Bish Whaa, our annual Polecon Troupe, for years! Now she's officially a Technician!

Yoon has been teaching Pole Intro at MBS for 2 months and has jazzed it up a bit! She always on time, super friendly, a great communicator (probably helps that she teaches kids during the day) and most importantly, she knows the skills!

“My pole journey began in 2014 with a Groupon and an adventurous friend. It was love at first fireman spin. I found MBS in 2015 and it’s been my pole home since. I’ve met some truly amazing people here and I feel honored to be able to share my passion for pole alongside the finest instructors in the DMV.”


Join her for the upcoming 4 week Pole Intro session Sundays, starting Nov 13th!

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