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Meet our April Member of the Month

Meet: Shakeem

See what we learned about Shakeem from Yatty Matty's brief interview

Yatty Matty: What is your New Year’s resolution and how is it going so far?

Shakeem: To actually learn how to crochet instead of making one long chain, and calling it a micro scarf.

Yatty Matty: What is one of your passions and why?

Shakeem: Baking! It gives me a sense of accomplishment. If I bake a loaf of bread from scratch I look at it and say “I did that!” It’s like nailing a shape or a spin I was skeptical about.

Yatty Matty: What is your favorite class at MBS and why?

Shakeem: Is this a trick question?! Every class is my favorite class! All of the instructors are so encouraging and hilarious.

Thanks for reading! See you next month. Oh, and if you would like to be featured find out how from Yatty Matty!


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