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Meet our Feb Member of the Month

Meet: Sheryl

Follow her on IG: @quaintbarbarian

See what we learned about Sheryl from Yatty Matty's brief interview

Yatty Matty: What is your favorite thing about being a member of My Body Shop?

Sheryl: The community! I've made so many amazing friends from my classes who keep me motivated in my pole life.

Yatty Matty: What is one of your passions and why?

Sheryl: I have a book blog documenting my journey through books featuring female rage and antiheroes. I'm a big fan of surrealist literature :)

Yatty Matty: Do you prefer tricks or choreo? Why?

Sheryl: Tricks! I'm very un-flowy (which I'm working on) so I love how cool it looks to just fly from pose to pose on the pole.

Yatty Matty: What is something you like to do or would like to do for Galentine’s Day?

Sheryl: My birthday is the week before Valentine's Day, so this year I'm hosting a multicourse dinner and the theme is "certified lover girl"!

Thanks for reading! See you next month. Oh, and if you would like to be featured find out how from Yatty Matty!


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