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Meet our Member for January 23

This January we are highlighting Uyai

Client, member, performer and supporter of My Body Shop!

"You know I love y'all (8 yrs I've been poling with youuu!)

My pole goals and how has MBS helped me so far?

MBS is the shiznitz! I've been coming here for 8 yrs now and part of my pole goals has always been creativity (spacious room to spiiin and explore!), choreography in routines and challenging myself on that spin pole (my nemesis). You can't grow if you don't do things different from the usual. And I find I have been positively challenged from day 1 of entering the studio's doors.

What are my resolutions for 2023 and my favorite class? That's a multifaceted one I want to keep focusing on spin pole and the transitions taught in it from entry, climbing, shapes, balancing acts using your body (elbow, shoulder) on a pole and then I can throw that together creatively, which Colleen's spin class allows me to do. But I also love the creative aspect of using muscle memory, new spins, flips, heel drags, holds, floor shapes, and a bomb routine, which Curvy's low flow class offers. Both Curvy and Colleen offer me creative and positive challenging aspects of their classes, so it's a tie. Big up to Colleen for fixing this old pole body! I love you ladies! And thanks for listening to my work woes, all of you!"

Uyai E.

Thank you and We love you Uyai!

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