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Meet our Member for November!

This November we are highlighting Ade`

We asked Ade' 4 questions, and guess what she said!

Q1: What brought you to MBS?

Ade': I was looking for a new avenue of dance as an adult, which can be little harder with life and things! Pole was new and definitely intimidating but fun, sexy and opening. So worth the investment!

Q2: What do you love about the pole/aerial community?

Ade`: I love the sense of community and encouragement. I am always inspired at the studio by all the women and instructors. I have learned a lot about myself!

Q3: What is a luxury in your life?

Ade': My self care and love is luxury in my life! Going on self dates and keeping myself up is how I keep luxury in my life

Q4: How do you celebrate the holidays?

Ade': I celebrate the holidays with family and tons of good food!!!

You can follow her pole journey on IG @aerialade


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